Going viral

Anyone can post a picture or video to a social media platform, but understanding what your followers want to see is crucial to great content.

For our client HM Quickshifter, followers love seeing their range of world-leading quickshifters in action… so we thought we would capture a dyno run of their new shifter/blipper system. Entirely shot and edited on a phone (proof that you don’t need massive budgets and film crews), the sub-60s clip simply shows the bike powering up and down the gears seamlessly.

Posting the video to HM Quickshifter’s 50,000-strong Facebook page, we then encouraged their various distributors around the world to share the post to help demonstrate the new system to their customers. That simple spread of the message was enough to see the video take on a life of its own, reaching over 1,400,000 people in the first 8 days (the time this story was published).

Of course, whilst these headline figures are great to shout about, the real importance lies in the quality of your followers and how they’re engaging with your content. Too many ‘experts’ focus on dated, soft metrics such as overall likes; but having 20,000 followers based in America whilst you solely do business in the U.K. makes no sense; which is why we focus on growing our accounts in the correct way. We’re also proud that our many clients have some of the highest engagement rates in the industry – something that we regularly monitor. The very nature of social media means its changing constantly, so with new algorithms every few months changing the way your followers interact with your content and how you appear in their timeline, trying to compare how you track year-on-year just doesn’t cut it anymore; you need to be comparing yourself to what your competitors are doing right now and reacting instantly.

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