Crashing through the media with R&G


We recently put our client R&G, the world’s leader in crash protection, to the ultimate test…purposely crashing a brand new Yamaha MT-10!  

Filming the entire event gave us fantastic social media content, TV coverage and a substantial piece in The Sun. We used the team at Bike World to capture the footage, as well as teaming up with Superbike Magazine to maximise reach thanks to their 1 million+ Facebook followers.

Ex-Racer and sometime stunt person Chris Northover made the perfect ‘crash jockey’ as he careered into the training school compound (of Holeshot partner ART Training) to purposefully drop the McAMS supplied machine.

After a moment to recollect his thoughts the bike was righted to show the impact and abrasion qualities of the R&G equipment had done their job, leaving the bike damage free and able to be ridden off… perfectly simulating a typical urban accident.

Certainly not our usual day in the office…