R&G Crash Test


Holeshot PR - R&G crash test video case study

We’ve been lucky enough to work with R&G, the world leader in damage protection products for motorcycles, since 2015. With thousands of applications for hundreds of bikes, there’s never a week that goes by without an R&G product, or one of their many third party brands, appearing in print or online somewhere.

With this fantastic level of coverage, it would be easy to rest on our laurels - but that’s not how we like to do things at HSPR, so we decided to put their products to the test and purposely crash a bike, all in the name of science…

Knowing this would make a sure-fire viral hit, we teamed up with Bike World to capture the footage whilst Superbike Magazine’s Chris Northover decided he’d be the rider responsible for crashing. The partnership between these two industry giants meant we could maximise exposure of the event and bring R&G to even more motorcyclists.

Sourcing a brand new Yamaha MT-10 from McAMS, we took it to R&G’s HQ in Alton, Hampshire to be kitted it out with a whole host of their products. With the bike kitted out, we needed a place suitable (and willing!) to let us crash a machine. Luckily, our friends at Advanced Riding Techniques in Crawley had the perfect venue meaning the stage was set!

How did we get on? Check out the video below… which to date has been watched nearly 40,000 times and reached over 90,000 people! And as a fairly substantial bonus, the whole project was featured in The Sun Motoring section.