Bullit Motorcycles get Distinguished and Dirty!

Bullit Motorcycles had their machines showcased in two diverse new arenas recently at the Bikeshed Sunday Scramble and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in London.Sunday Scramble

Holeshot PR positioned the small capacity manufacturer at the events using their contacts to gain credible PR/social media coverage and in the case of the Scramble, to prove the capabilities of the high ground clearance Hero machine.

The Hero was taken through the deepest mud at the Scramble and then just a few weeks later was ridden by Bike Shed staff at the high profile ‘DGR’ alongside its stable mate, the stylish  ‘Spirit’ machine.

Not only did the two events place Bullit in front of a new, cool crowd, the resulting images produced fantastic photographs for social media content!

Check out what the Bike Shed had to say on the two machines: https://thebikeshed.cc/bullit-hero-spirit-125-test

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