We’re very excited to be featured in the most recent ‘Black Book of Motorsport’ which is circulated to race teams, organisers, sponsors, media, suppliers and agencies. Historically a 4-wheel focused publication, we were given a Q&A page next to an insight into MotoGP, so perfect positioning! We will also be attending their Motorsport Forum in August.

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In a world of #FakeNews and mobile phone screens, getting your brand message out there is an increasingly difficult challenge. Sport fans the world over no longer want to wait for insights – they demand instant, sub-140 character updates as events unfold. With clients as diverse as Pirelli, Yamaha, Öhlins suspension and DJ Carl Cox, Holeshot PR have to be at the cutting edge of this genre. We speak to company owner Harley Stephens about this brave new world…..

People talk about a revolution in communications, what do they mean?
Aside from the obvious; fast broadband at events paired with ever more smarter-phones, people are consuming info in a completely different way. No one wants to wait until after the event has finished to find out what happened, they want to feel like they are there with you. So the challenge is of course to stay on top and ahead of these trends and find solutions to give the millions of people sat at home a reason to follow your brand or team.

What does that mean to PR people?
It means that by the time they sit down to write a race report after the chequered flag, that news is 30 laps old…as it has already been tweeted to oblivion! The key is to find a unique angle, to offer an insight that is different to what any other channel can post so your brand message can be spread still further by media, commentators, celebs and of course, the fans themselves.

Give us an example…
With Pirelli in British Superbikes we ascertain which bikes are on which compound tyres whilst standing on the grid, so we then WhatsApp that information to the commentary team (Eurosport, ITV4 and onsite PA) and journalists. At the same time we tweet out that info and tag in all relevant parties so they can spread onward via their own channels. So within 2 minutes of the tyre warmers coming off, the TV audience and all Twitter following fans trackside know exactly what the riders have chosen, which enhances their brand perception. Not rocket science…but incredibly effective!

140 characters isn’t a lot of space to convey in-depth messages though is it?
No it’s not, so you have to be creative with how you write. We create infographics onsite that help illustrate a much bigger message in a concise and easy to consume way. Then there’s the increasing use of videos – particularly with the relatively recent popularity of things like Facebook Live and Instagram stories. Then there’s also ways to get a message across using emoji’s, GIFs or memes – in fact, in August last year Google Trends revealed that for the first time ever there were more searches for ‘Memes’ than there was for Jesus!

How else can you reach your audience?
Having even a passing relationship with ‘names’ can be a massive asset. For example in the biking world a retweeted message from Guy Martin, Valentino Rossi or a motorcycling celeb not only spreads the message exponentially further but it also gives it another layer of credibility for fans.

So is the ‘written word’ on its way out?!
For immediate fan engagement the concise, creative snippet does possibly have the edge over in- depth analysis however there is still an important place for the right kind of articles. All of our clients still appreciate informed feature led pieces to convey the full story in a traditional media format. A compelling story well pitched to a National title can be a huge asset – particularly when you then expand that story out further using your army of social media followers!

So with all these motorsport brands, how does Carl Cox fit in?!
Carl loves racing in all its forms, including the Isle of Man TT and he wants to bring this petrolhead passion to his vast following of music fans. We got a call from Australia one night and here we are…I definitely didn’t see that one coming! The goal of course now is to combine these two vastly different worlds…

If you’d like a PR and social media health check email Harley at

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